Quality standards

With development of the construction market and origination of new high-quality materials and accessories for construction and finishing works, the requirements to quality and safety of the fasteners essentially increase. Therefore, the success of the company that works professionally in the market of fasteners depends on due selection of the suppliers of the goods and compliance of such products with the requirements of the end user. Taking care of its professional reputation, UNISCAN company commits to selecting the suppliers of the products with the most carefulness possible and controls the quality and packages of each shipped consignment in a mandatory manner.

The main part of the range is fasteners from Southeast Asia, which is for a reason. Currently, it is mainly China (including Taiwan) that is the global leader in production of fasteners of general purpose. It is amusing that this happened, by and large, owing to a confluence of historical circumstances. Right after the World War II, the USA allocated the advanced productions facilities of fasteners in Taiwan for its army needs. Owing to this, now Taiwan is the main design engineer and manufacturer of the fasteners manufacturing equipment as well as large supplier of complex and hi-tech fittings. Meanwhile, production of common fasteners has been transferred to the continental China that has “inherited" the up-to-date technologies of fastener production, as well.

Along with high quality standards, the Chinese manufacturers of fasteners can offer a vast variety of advanced range that is constantly increasing and, not the least, the competitive price. Simply because they do not include an excessively extra charge to the price. Namely the price and quality ratio conditioned the UNISCAN’s choice of the suppliers of fasteners. This is the reason why UNISCAN can offer its clients from Baltic States an acceptable price for high-quality fasteners.

A more expensive segment in the range of the Public Joint-Stock Company UNISCAN is the goods of the European manufacturers. Here, the premium drills produced by ALPEN MAYKESTAG, the leading Austrian manufacturer of drills, milling cutters, reamers, and special purpose tools, stand out. The company is famous for its wide range of the products manufactured, high quality, and efficiency of the products and reliability of employees. All the drills produced are marked with PGM control sign which only few manufacturers receive. Experts know that the drills marked by this sign guarantee precision tolerance on diameter of a cutting plate, its symmetric soldering as well as rotation of the drill with no radial motion variation. Only the tools which have been checked by PGM can be used for drilling the holes for screw plug connections subject to obligatory inspection prior to putting into operation.

Among the signature quality standards of UNISCAN one more important factor should be noted. It is professional qualification of our experts working in the sphere of sales, distribution, and maintenance of the clients. They are ready to share their experience and knowledge with you. In fact, UNISCAN considers its every client and his interests the main value!