The history of the brand

The history of the UNISCAN brand in territory of Baltic States has begun rather recently, in 2007. Yet, already we have something we can be proud of. This is not yet the gold medals of the international competitions, but something not less important - professional and friendly team, plentiful source of energy and optimism, knowledge of the business, daily work, and our greatest value - you, the clients and associates of the Public Joint-Stock Company UNISCAN. Owing to you we started with a small rented warehouse in Kaunas and have managed to grow internationally after several years. Owing to you, people found out about the UNISCAN trademark and have appreciated it in 20 countries of the world, whereas our monthly turnover of the fasteners and hand tools has reached 600 tons and keeps increasing. To satisfy your needs more thoroughly, we have created a convenient system of logistics which allows us delivering the goods to your warehouse with maximum speed. By the way, you have quickly appreciated the quality of our fasteners, which means that our work and persistence have not gone to waste. Now, we remember the starts of our business with a smile; the current warehouse of the Public Joint-Stock Company UNISCAN in Vilnius occupies already 600 square meters. Today, the list of our loyal and active clients includes over one and a half thousand companies and the list keeps growing uncontrollably.

We have managed to consider all the fasteners important for the buyer. We deliver the goods free of charge within a week after application to any place in Lithuania. We provide the widest range of high-quality fasteners. We provide an opportunity to ship any amount of the goods and to organize its prepacking in the form most convenient for the client. We defend interests of the clients - your interests - as our own because our success depends on your well-being, as well!

... And we, certainly, hope that someday, with no exaggeration, we will be able to safely write in this section of the site that UNISCAN is one of the most recognized brands of Baltic States in the market of fasteners with partners and representational offices around the world which is rightly proud of its contribution to development of construction business in Baltic States.

For now, we shall simply write as follows: where there is something to build there will be all the necessary for this purpose we can find. Where there are capable hands to take a tool there we will get you the best one. And where there is a desire to work with us there we will help you with everything required for mutual benefit.